Sep 2013: Winter Cycling is back!!! Rules and Advice.

A long but worthwhile Post for all TVT Members. PLEASE READ!!!

winter-cyclingWinter cycling for the 13/14 season is about to start. By now you should have received emails from our head coach Derek with details. We take this opportunity to remind our members of our Club cycling rules and some useful advice for all.

Check regularly our Weekly Training page or continue reading for our updated (Sep 2013) Cycling Rules.

Cycling Ground Rules (UPDATED Sep.2013!)

  1. Information about club rides will be mailed to every club member.   Everyone is welcome to ride.
  2. All Cyclists MUST wear a Helmet.
  3. All Cyclist MUST be self sufficient (carry 2 spare tubes ,Tyre Levers, Pump, mobile phone and money (if required )
  4. ID: When you ride with the group you MUST carry a suitable ID that must include an emergency contact number. TVT recommends an ID bracelet like RoadID or IceID. (See more below)
  5. Eye protection MUST be worn on all rides.
  6. The group will leave the start venue on time – if you are late then its tough!!
  7. The group will stay together and look after each other. (Please see note below).
  8. The group leader may cancel or abort the ride at any time.
  9. The group leader has final say on all safety issues.
  10. The group leader may ask a rider not to ride with a group if they feel that the group is unsuitable in terms of ability for the rider.
  11. Headphones and music devices may NOT be used.
  12. Tribars: The club recommends to remove tribars during the winter cycling sessions.
  13. All riders take part at their own risk

Riders are reminded that they will be looked after by the group providing that they have attended on a regular basis and not just arrived because the weather is nice.


In terms of point 4, it is imperative that you carry ID and emergency contact numbers with you, if possible in a visible part of your body. TVT highly recommends the use of a Bracelet ID. Some recommended companies that provide the same are: RoadID (US based), IceIDCram-Alert, TheIdBandCompanyOneLifeID (QR code based).

In terms of point 7.  There are now 6 cycle groups.  If you are too slow or fast we will suggest you move group.  If you feel tired one day, move down the group etc.  Please be honest about your ability on the day otherwise you could ruin you enjoyment and the other members of the group.  The cycle groups are a fantastic asset to a club of this size, so use it to the advantage of everyone

Group Name Leader Objective  Times / StartPoint
Novice Derek Aimed at beginner riders and will be conducted  at the pace of the slowest. the aim Will be to develop both fitness and skills at a steady pace. Check emails
Inter 1 Angela This group will aim to bridge the gap between Derek and Paul’s group and is aimed at riders that have completed at least one winter with Derek and would like to move forward in terms of pace and distance. Check emails
Inter 2 Paul Aimed at riders that can maintain a good pace for 2 hour and ias looking at 14-16 mph to start with. Check emails
Inter 3 Kathryn The group will do rides at about 16-18mph for no more than 2.5-3 hours. and will suit people focusing on  standard (Olympic) race distances. Check emails
Inter 3LD Alistair Aimed at riders aiming for 1/2 ironman or above. The rides will be aimed at riders that have ridden with Alistair or Paul before or above and will start the winter at 3 hours plus Check emails
Advanced Sharkie Aimed at very experienced faster paced riders. If you have never been out with a TVT ride before you must seek advice before joining this group or know that you have been at the front end of Alistair’s group. Check emails


Other useful Winter Riding advice:

Your Bike:

  1. It is wise to make sure that you have some winter tyres fitted, a courser tread and thicker rubber will give more grip. This coupled with thicker inner tubes will go a long way to prevention of punctures, and give more grip on the leaf strewn roads that we will encounter.
  2. Before each ride you should apply little ‘wet lube’ to the chain and other moving parts of the drivetrain, to fend off water ingress and prevent corrossion.
  3. Check your tyres for flints, small pieces of sharp stone which if left will work there way through the rubber and cause a puncture.
  4. Mudgaurds are a fantastic addition during the winter months, a product like ‘race-blades, is easy to fit/remove and relativley cheap.
  5. Please make sure you have at least one spare tube, and the relevant equipment to change it, on each ride that you attend. You should test the tyre levers and pump to make sure they are of suitable quality to ensure you are not stranded.


  1. Layering is the key to good heat/cold management. Start with a base layer, tight fitting and breathable, topped with a long sleeved cycling jersey.
  2. This can be supplemented with a waterproof overjacket that will provide warmth and wind protection and can be stuffed in the jersey pocket if required.
  3. On the bottom, start with good cycling shorts and top them off with a pair of bib trousers.
  4. Shoe covers are an absolute godsend on winter days, providing both heat retention and prevention from chill.
  5. Gloves are essential. A cycling cap under the helmet helps retain heat and the peak prevents glare from low winter sunshine.
  6. Glasses help to keep small objects, rain, and splash from others in the group, from entering the eyes.

Happy Ride!  – TVT CommitteeBikeSignal