OCT 2013: Demystifying Track Run Sessions.

Derek BowleyA discussion with our Head Coach Derek Bowley about TVT’s Coached Track Run Sessions.

TVT Web: Derek, TVT members received an email announcing changes to the Track Run sessions on Wednesdays, let’s start by the basics, what is a Track Run Session?
Derek: Basically the Coached Track Run sessions are group runs around a track. The coaching includes drills to improve technique and by technique I mean running style, coordination, core stability and balance, (this usually happens during the winter training). Then as the racing season approaches we start to incorporate some speed work into the Track session. It is a dynamic coached session, so you will be following instructions on drills or specific activities for the duration of it.

TVT Web: Who is it aimed for?
Derek: ALL LEVELS! For those who fear “being left behind” during run sessions, fear not!

Basically you are running around a track and you can run at your own pace. Actually, as fast runners pass slower runners I usually hear they encourage each other making it a great and fun group run session!

TVT Web: What is changing in 2013?
Derek: We’re making the Track Run session more focused and specific to cater for the variety of levels of our members in the club.
Over the past year we have operated as one session but from the second week in October 2013 I plan to operate 3 groups within the session
run drills track

  • Group 1: Novice / Slower runners
  • Group 2: Standard/ Sprint distance group
  • Group 3: Long Distance group

The session will operate to the following general plan:

  • Warm up together
  • Drills and Skills together
  • Track Session following group levels
  • Warm down together

TVT Web: Why are we changing?
Derek: We started the track session during winter 2012 and there’s no doubt it benefited those who attended with a few PBs established in the 2012/13 season.
Overall this session provides a good group feeling, but there was the perception that this was a session only for fast runners.
The aim this year is to encourage others to get involved no matter the standard and to gain the benefits of a coached run, in a safe environment and even better, training in a group.

track runningTVT Web: Why should members come to this session?
Derek: Just as with the swim, it is important to develop technique and speed, there’s no difference in running. The long run session that athletes are used to is not enough. During this session members will be coached into doing drills to improve technique and all of this is a nice group environment.

TVT Web: When do the sessions take place?
Derek: The sessions take place every Wednesday at the Bracknell Leisure Centre Athletic Track where we have a six-lane 400m running track.
Ideally people should arrive at around 7:30 / 7:40 pm for an off-track warm up as the Track session itself starts sharp at 8pm.
TVT is quite a friendly club, if you would like to do the session but do not have a car I know there are members who will try to arrange a lift for you, so talk to people and come to the session!

TVT Web: Anything else you would like to add?
Derek: While not essential, if you have a heart monitor please wear it. It is not essential but it provides you with a good indication of how hard you’re pushing and you can monitor improvement as your season progress.

TVT Web: Thank you Derek.
Derek: My pleasure, Oh! one more thing. Please come with an open mind, a willingness to learn and be prepared to work hard (smiles)


Track sessions take place every Wednesday in Bracknell. Meet at the parking lot 7:30pm. The cost of the session is £4 or a swim ticket for seniors. 

Bracknell Leisure Centre
Bagshot Road
RG12 9SE