• Tuesday – During the summer months, TVT offers a chain-gang outing known as “Power Hour”. Groups start off at 5 minute intervals from 6.30 to 7pm, all aiming to be back at the Shinfield start point by 8pm. Please watch the TVT challengers Facebook page and emails for more details on how to ride in a chain gang and when these sessions will start.
  • Tuesday – During the Winter months, TVT Power Hour switches to Turbo training sessions. Please watch your training emails for details on this session.
  • Winter Weekends – TVT offer several cycle training groups with varying pace and objectives (Fast, Medium, Bridging), departing on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Times / venues vary. Once you join TVT you will be added to the weekly training update email which will detail the paces and times.

The Beginners ride group is run by Derek periodically throughout the winter. This group provides skills development and group coaching for those new to cycling and group rides. This group goes for 2 to 3 hours ride sessions.

The Bridging group acts as a transition between the beginner’s group and the faster groups, and sets off at a pace just off the medium group.

The medium and fast ride groups meet at the same place and many members will choose to go out with either group depending on what stage of training they are in.  These groups can be out for between 2 and 4 hours.

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Cycling Ground Rules

  • Information about club rides will be mailed to every club member.   Everyone is welcome to ride.
  • All Cyclists MUST wear a Helmet.
  • All Cyclist MUST be self sufficient (carry 2 spare tubes ,Tyre Levers, Pump, mobile phone and money (if required )
  • ID: When you ride with the group you MUST carry a suitable id that must include an emergency contact number. TVT recommends an ID bracelet like RoadID or IceID. (See more below)
  • Eye protection MUST be worn on all rides.
  • The group will leave the start venue on time – if you are late then its tough!!
  • The group will stay together and look after each other. (Please see note below).
  • The group leader may cancel or abort the ride at any time
  • The group leader has final say on all safety issues
  • The group leader may ask a rider not to ride with a group if they feel that the group is unsuitable in terms of ability for the rider
  • Headphones and music devices may NOT be used
  • Tribars: The club recommends to remove tribars during the winter cycling sessions.
  • All riders take part at their own risk

During the winter months TVT recommends that Highly visible clothing is worn while out riding.

For Power Hour sessions, all cyclists are required to SIGN IN!

Riders are reminded that they will be looked after by the group providing that they have attended on a regular basis and not just arrived because the weather is nice.

In terms of point 4, it is imperative that you carry ID and emergency contact numbers with you, if possible in a visible part of your body. TVT highly recommends the use of a Bracelet ID. Some recommended companies that provide the same are: RoadID (US based), IceIDCram-Alert, TheIdBandCompanyOneLifeID (QR code based).

In terms of point 7.  If you are too slow or fast we will suggest you move group.  If you feel tired one day, move down the group etc.  Please be honest about your ability on the day otherwise you could ruin you enjoyment and the other members of the group.  The cycle groups are a fantastic asset to a club of this size, so use it to the advantage of everyone

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  • Track 20.15 – 21.45 – The track at Palmer Park (Reading Velodrome) is available for training all year round.  In the summer months this is restricted to track bikes only, please check website below.  Price, subject to change, £3.70.  In Autumn, Winter and Spring there are sometimes a few TVT members on Tuesdays & Thursday evening.