Meet the Tristars Coaching Team

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Steve Wilson


I have been helping coach at TVTristars since 2009.  I also help cover some of the adult club sessions. I am a British Triathlon Level 2 Coach. I started triathlon in 2009 when my children took it up and joined TVTristars.  I like to contribute to the sport by coaching younger triathletes to help them reach their full potential in a fun atmosphere, at whatever level they chose.  I competes in triathlon at all distances but focus mainly on long distance events and hilly courses.

Tessa Minnis

IMG_1960I joined Thames Valley Triathletes in 2010 along with my 8 year old daughter and started coaching with the Tristars in 2011. I then went on to complete my British Triathlon Level 1 & Level 2 coaching qualifications.

From 2011 I have been heavily involved with the running of the junior Tristars club. As the club has grown we have thankfully had more volunteers taking on various roles. I compete myself at triathlon, mostly sprint and olympic distance. During the 2016/17 training season I will be coaching the Tristar 2 group.

Derek Bowley

IMG_1970 I set up TVT in 1982/83 and during the early 1980s was involved with the set up of BTF coach education system. I am a BTF level 3 coach and a british cycling level 1 coach. I have coached an age group gold medalist and a European long course bronze medalist. I am currently head coach of the club. I have raced triathlons upto and including Ironman but am currently not racing due to a long term injury problem. I am currently involved in cross country skiing which I started because I wanted to try a winter triathlon. I had planned to be involved actively with the junior section to provide advanced cycling skills but because of Joyces involvement I seem to stay and help most weekends.

Chris Aitkin

IMG_1965I joined TVT in 2012 and started to help out with Tristars in 2014, shortly after my daughter started. I started coaching with the Tristars in 2015 as a Level1, qualifying as a Level2 coach in April 2016. I have done most triathlon distances and nowadays compete at various duathlon and cycle time-trial distances.  I will be coaching the Tristar3 group this season.


Robby Elson

IMG_1961_jpegMy daughter Evie (TS2) joined TVT before me in 2014. As a professional personal trainer and sports coach specialising in running technique, Tessa and Steve invited me to help out on the track. Things seemed to spiral and in 2016 I completed my Level 2 Triathlon Coaching qualification.

I enjoy short triathlons and very long runs. I like rivers and trails but dislike swimming pools and treadmills. My latest passion is a mix of open-water swimming and trail running – SwimRun. I also coach football and kickboxing and during the 2016/2017 season I’ll be coaching the Youth triathletes.

Joyce Martindale

IMG_1962I joined TVT in 2012 and started working  with the Tristars at the start of 2016 when I completed my Level 1 coaching qualification. I have completed my Level 2 coaching qualification in the first half of 2017. Sports wise I’m doing a lot of cross country skiing – on snow and UK non-snow training – and cycling. Swimming and running are a “work in progress”.

I currently coach the 2017 Tristarts intake, swim coach at the adult Friday night Swim session and help with the adult Development Cycling Group. (I am married to Derek Bowley, TVT Head Coach, so you may find the two of us at various coaching sessions).

Debbie Wilson

IMG_1966I first became interested in triathlon when our children joined the junior club, about 10 years ago. My first triathlon was a sprint distance in Warwick where our whole family competed. I have mostly done sprint distance triathlons as I am not a very good runner! I really enjoy swimming and over the last few years I have done some long distance swims 10-14km.

I started coaching TVTristars in 2013. As Steve was already coaching I decided that I would go and see what it was all about. I qualified as a Level 1 coach in early 2014. I went on a para-triathlon training day as well and would love to have para-triathletes in the children’s club.

I enjoy watching all the children grow and develop and move through from Tristarts to Youth.

Justin Baines

IMG_1968My eldest daughter started with Tristars in 2013. Shortly after I started helping as a parent helper before going onto complete my British Triathlon Level 1 coaching qualification. My youngest daughter also joined the club 2014. I have competed in Triathlon myself since 2012. During the 2016/17 training season I will be coaching the Tristar 3 group


Susan Martin

IMG_1975My history with TVT goes back to 1986 and for the next 20 years I was a competitor and coach for the club. I gave it all up in 2003 to have my children and started back with coaching this September. I am a Tristars swim coach.



Andy Howell

IMG_1972I’m a Parent Helper. I have three boys in TriStars – Harry (Youth), William (TS3), and Joe (TS1). They joined back in 2013, and both myself and Sarah are now members of TVT. Myself, I do the occasional Half Marathon and Marathon, as well as Sprint or Olympic Tri – with a lingering aim to do an Ironman sometime!


Jenny Gale


I did my first triathlon in 2013 and caught the bug! In 2014 my eldest started with TVTristars and recently I have been helping out with admin and now coaching – I have my British Triathlon Level 1 Coaching and currently help Tessa with the TS2 group.