National Relays

The National Club Relay Championships at Holme Pierpont in Nottingham. (27/28 August 2011)

If you haven’t ever raced at the Relays, you really have missed out on one of the most exhilarating and fun events on the UK calendar. The Relays revolves around teams of four using a tagging format where everyone swims, everyone bikes and everyone runs in race that looks like a mixture between competition and chaos.

It’s a sprint distance event with a 500m open water swim, a 15K bike and a 5K run. It is held on a completely closed course over which you can see the whole of all three disciplines and is the nearest you can get to racing a triathlon in an arena.

This is a great event – and a great day / night out for the Club. Think of it as your best ever race / training session with a party and camping afterwards! And if for any reason you do not want to race – come along, support, and cheer on the club and then join the party anyway 🙂

There is a campsite across the road – so we usually plan on camping – getting a BBQ going, and celebrating with some beers after the event. A number of us camp both Friday night and Saturday night. This meant finishing work on Friday early – may be worth booking the afternoon off!

In preparation for the event, our club captain coordinates all teams. The categories are male, male vet, female, female vet and mixed and as far as TVT is concerned all abilities are encouraged meaning that no one in our club is too inexperienced or “slow” to represent to compete for TVT. The primary purpose is for people to have fun, there are teams that are looking to be competitive and place well, and there are teams just out to enjoy.

The only stipulation is that you are a paid up Member of TVT, and that you have a BTA Membership card with TVT on it as your club.

For info on the National Relays please contact our Team Captain.