Club Kit

TVT Team Kit

Team Kit in TVT club colours


  • TVT have recently changed to a new supplier for the club kit – Champion Systems (CS).
  • The main advantage is that it is now possible to place individual kit orders (via the Thames Valley Triathletes account) and pay directly to CS by debit or credit card for your items.
  • The kit orders of all members get consolidated when the club deadline date is reached and immediately goes on the production line (6 weeks turnaround).
  • TVT aim to define order deadlines every couple of months but it might vary. (You will be notified if anything changes)
  • Ordered items will be delivered to our TVT kit manager (Jane!), individually bagged and labelled with each members’ name, for ease of distribution.
  • TVT kit manager will then reach out to you for distribution.

HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER (Read carefully!):

  1. Log in to the Champion Systems (CS) web page
  2. Use the team login details (as below) to set up your own individual sub-account within Thames Valley Triathletes’ main account.
    Note: Use the use the RIGHT
    hand side of the login screen i.e. “CS DIRECT MEMBER LOGIN”

Username: thamesvalleytri
Password: clubkit2014

  1. Once created your own unique sub-account (login), proceed to ordering the kit items you want.
  2. Payment is made online (Debit or Credit card) and the order is processed once the deadline date is reached.


If you require any advice regards sizing, our TVT Kit Manager has a few items as samples of each size (Short-sleeve Road Jersey, Winter jacket & Tri-suits) that can be tried on. We’re a friendly club so you could also ask someone to bring it to a training session – or the regular Club Social every first Tuesday of the Month.

NB: All items that are ordered are non-refundable from CS Direct, so please note that you need to double-check sizing and style of items.

Our TVT Kit Manager may be able to assist with swapping items with other members on occasions but responsibility of appropriate sizes and type of kit is your personal responsibility.



  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Please enter the ordering page for detailed pricing
  • All prices are stated before charging delivery at 5% and VAT at 20%.


Special note for Winter cross-country races: We have got to the point in the cross countries where we are now obliged to run in TVT kit. This can be any piece of TVT kit with the appropriate logo, i.e. it does not have to be a run vest, it could be a cycle top, sleeveless cycle top, gilet, or tri kit. It is not our rules – unfortunately the rules of the organisers.

We have a few running tops that you can borrow for specific races. Please contact for more info.

Triathlon Kit

This is the design of our Tri Suits. Many of us have been racing in the kit and it works very well as it is easy to spot! You’ll get cheered on no doubt!  :mrgreen: There is also the option to order Tri Shorts + Tops. The Tri Shorts also work as swimming jammers so anyone who wants TVT colours on their swim shorts might consider ordering them.