TVTristars – Club Kit

New Tristars Logo Nov 2014 redTVT kit is available for all our Junior Section. We have Training T-Shirts, Hoodies, Waterproof Jackets and Tri Suits.

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Sweatshirt IMG_1267 IMG_1271




Waterproof Jacket IMG_1273 IMG_1274





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Ordering Club Kit

If you want to order any kit please complete the survey
Then pay on webcollect (as with fees) and also email Lisa will check the surveymonkey results every week or so but sending an email will be quicker. Depending on demand orders will be placed every two months starting from end January (then end March, end May etc).


 Item Price
 Training T-Shirt  £12
 Hoodie  £17
 Waterproof Jacket £23
 Tri Suits See info below

Size Guide – T shirts and Hoodies

 Measurements 1/2 chest Body Length Sleeve length
 S 5-6 Years  41cm 48cm 40cm
 M 7-8 Years  43cm 52cm 43cm
 L 9-11 Years  46cm 57cm 47cm
 XL 12-13 Years  49cm 62cm 51cm
 Adult XS  49cm 64cm 57.5cm
 Adult S  51cm 67cm 59cm
 Adult M  56cm 70cm 60.5cm
 Adult L  61cm 73cm 62cm
 Tolerance +/- 2cm 2cm 2cm

Tri Suits

For those of you new to Triathlon, these are worn when competing and avoid the need to try to get t-shirts onto wet bodies. If you wear a trisuit you also need to wear a race belt.
You have two options for a TVT trisuit:
– Hire a suit (£20 for an child size and £25 for an adult size per season), stock permitting
– Buy a suit (£74 for a child size and £104 for an adult size). If you buy you can either sell it back to the club when grown out of for £25 OR you can swap for a bigger one.
Please complete the survey if you want to hire or buy. Please wait for me to respond before paying.