TVTristars – About Triathlon

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Triathlon is one of the fastest growing Olympic sports with events like the London Triathlon now attracting over 5000 people, including many first timers.

Triathlon involves athletes racing over three disciplines, swim, bike, run with varying distances dependant on age for younger athletes. The standard senior Olympic distance consists of a 1.5KM swim, 40KM bike and 10KM run and for a tougher challenge senior athletes undertake the full Ironman – 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike, 26.2mile run.

Thames Valley Tristars concentrates on the following typical distances for junior members (age as of 31st December) :

Age Group Swim Cycle (Grass) Cycle (Tarmac) Run
TriStar Start (Age 8) 50m 800m 1.5km 600m
TriStar 1 (Age 9-10) 150m 2km 4km 1.2km
TriStar 2 (Age 11-12) 200m 4km 6km 1.8km
TriStar 3 (Age 13-14) 300m 6km 8km 2.4km
Youth 400m 10km 3.8km

Minimum Requirements

1. Minimum age – 8 years by 31st December (younger brothers and sisters are welcome to stay for run and bike training sessions but must be accompanied by a parent)

2. Maximum age – no older than 16 years on 31st December

3. Each member must be able to continuously swim the distances above for their age group before joining. We will be helping with swim technique but this is no substitute for formal lessons. Please ensure you continue with your regular swim lessons.